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Sports injury

sports injury healing at the Mana Sanctuary

Although osteopathy can be a very gentle treatment it is also very adaptable. Having links with the Totton Weightlifting Club, I have a vested interest in the treatment of athletes, power lifters in particular and am now looking at cover the World Championships in Aldershott come November.

Osteopaths look at the patient as a whole and when treating athletes we take into consideration every part of the body that is involved in a specific action. We are then able to make adjustments in order to keep the body working like a well-oiled machine. Strapping and soft tissue techniques are often used as well as mobilising joints and I hope to soon add acupuncture and ultrasound to my arsenal of treatments.

Osteopaths pride themselves on having an exceptionally finely tuned sense of touch, or palpation and because of this it may be possible for potential injuries to be pre-empted allowing preventative measures to be taken