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Expectant mothers

Help for all at the Mana Sanctuary

Having had experience at the expectant mothers clinic in the BSO and taking a course in treating expectant mothers as an elective subject Louise can honestly say this area of Osteopathy is a pleasure to be involved in. Although generally seen as a joyous experience, pregnancy can bring its pitfalls, with expectant mothers beginning to develop new physical challenges, plus new aches and pains. Osteopathy is a safe and tested method for helping with these problems and can also be used to help prepare mum for giving birth by maintaining mobility around the hips and pelvis. Non-pregnancy related issues can also be addressed with no risk of safety to baby or mum.

Breathing can be improved by working with the ribs and diaphragm and by mobilising the thoracic spine which can aid mum in the birthing process and make for a calmer, happier experience, thus helping baby to be born into a warm and stress free environment.