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“Welcome to our home of health and wellbeing. This is the beginning of a new you.”

Musculoskeletal services

A highly trained team of therapists coming together to find the best way to treat and manage their patients. We take an inclusive approach and positively encourage our patients to get involved with their own treatment plans, meaning that our service is completely bespoke to each individual.


Here at the Mana Sanctuary we pride ourselves on bringing not only an individual sense of well being, but also a sense of togetherness for the whole community.

Alternative therapies

As well as providing high standard medical and orthodox treatments, we recognise the importance of all round health care. It is our drive to bridge the gap between physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Mana Sanctuary

34 Beech Road, Clanfield, PO8 0LN

+44 (0) 7780 601331

Our Hours

Monday-Friday 8:30am-7:30pm

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