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Osteopathic Treatments

Osteopathy can treat a broad range of symptoms, acute and chronic conditions, improve general health and focuses on wellbeing.

For more information on some specific treatment areas:

physiotherapy at the Mana Sanctuary
Low back pain and neck pain are common complaints for many residents of the UK.

Back pain may come from a wide variety of structures including muscles, ligaments, joint capsules, discs and nerves. During your treatment and consultation the Osteopath will spend a considerable amount of time ascertaining what structure may be causing the discomfort. By doing this the best treatment may be delivered.

Sciatic pain treatment
Sciatic pain is usually caused by the sciatic nerve being encroached (pressed) upon by one or more structures

These commonly include disc bulges, the priformis muscle or stenosis caused by extra bony or osteophytic growths around the exit points of the nerve from the spinal canal. Although the pain experienced by patients suffering from sciatica can be very acute and extremely uncomfortable Osteopathy, in many instances, has been seen to provide relief and allow such patients to reach a state of relative comfort.

sports injury healing at the Mana Sanctuary
Sports injury treatment, prevention and performance enhancement

Although Osteopathy can be a very gentle treatment it is also very adaptable. Having links with the Totton Weightlifting Club, Louise has a vested interest in the treatment of athletes, power lifters in particular and was able to introduce Osteopathic treatment to competitors at the World Championships in Aldershott in November 2012.

Treating stress at the Mana Sanctuary
Stress, depression and fatigue

Many people suffer at some point from stress, depression or fatigue – often as a result of being in pain.

​Although Osteopathy is not a direct treatment for these conditions many patients find that they feel emotionally better after having sought treatment.

Treating joint pain and arthritis
Joint pain and arthritis

There is no denying that Osteopaths spend a lot of their time working directly on joints. We employ a lot of gentle, but strong therapeutic techniques in order to improve range of movement and quality of movement. Many structures can be the cause of pain if they are injured or aggravated and most respond well to the appropriate treatment. Medical dry needling or acupuncture can also be extremely helpful in the alleviation of such discomfort.

Osteopathy and pregnancy at the Mana Sanctuary
Expectant mothers

Having had experience at the expectant mothers clinic in the BSO and taking a course in treating expectant mothers as an elective subject, I can honestly say this area of Osteopathy is a pleasure to be involved in. Many pregnant women find that they develop aches and pains where none were before. Osteopathy is a safe and tested method for helping with these problems and can also be used to help prepare mum for giving birth by maintaining mobility around the hips and pelvis.

Osteopathy For Jaw Pain at the Mana Sanctuary
Jaw Pain

The jaw, or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) does far more than just chew!  It consists of an articulation(relationship) between the temporal bone, an intra-articular disc and the mandibular bone. It may come as a surprise that this joint also has a direct influence on balance due to its relationship with the hyoid bone. Osteopaths are well versed in treating jaw issues, which can be inter-associated with neck and upper back issues and can lead to headaches.