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Stress, depression and fatigue

Many people suffer at some point from stress, depression or fatigue – often as a result of being in pain.

Although Osteopathy is not a direct treatment for these conditions many patients find that they feel emotionally better after having sought treatment. Sometimes this is through the fact that they feel better or because they have been given the ability to understand their pain – sometimes it is because they have simply taken the steps to have quality time to themselves. Whether it is an Osteopath, or another kind of musculoskeletal practitioner that patients seek advice from, they often find that they are able to regain control of certain aspects of their lives.

Stress can sometimes be helped by aiding respiration, which can be directly affected by working on the accessories to breathing – the diaphragm, thoracic spine and the ribs.

We’ve noticed that a lot of the feedback from patients who have suffered with any of these issues in the past has been based around not developing a dependency on medication. Although we recognise the importance of evidence and medication based treatments for depression and anxiety we are fuelled towards offering patients alternative methods, which will help them to feel more self empowered and in control of their healing journey. We have spent a lot of time making connections with a team of highly experienced and qualified therapists and practitioners. all of whom will be able to, in their own unique way, be of service to those seeking a deeper healing journey.

Shamanic Healing – The Medicine Wheel

The Four Winds was brought to the West from Peru by Alberto Villoldo. Alberto spent many years training in Peru with the Q’ero – direct descendants of the Inca, who had gone into hiding during the invasion of the conquistadors. This meant that their culture and knowledge had gone unadulterated for several hundred years before they made their way back down from the Mountains. In his book, Dance of the Four Winds, he tells of his incredible journey, where he shared many intimate and beautiful moments with these gentle and kind hearted people and truly learned about himself through studying the Q’ero Cosmology.

During their official training the Shaman will undergo years of travelling around the Medicine Wheel and undertake deep and personal work. This is done so that they can learn the principles of each direction, the tools that are used in each quadrant and undergo various rites to pass from the South, to West, to North and finally to the East. All this is done, first and foremost, so that the Shaman can clear his or her own energy field in order to hold the Medicine fully. During their journey around the Wheel they build their own Mesa (medicine bundle), which contains stones that hold the energy of their own personal Medicine and gifts. Once the Shaman has undergone their own journey then they may learn the healing tools of each direction so that they may be of service to others who seek personal healing. It is a journey of deep and beautiful self discovery. Personal and various group sessions will be available through the Mana Sanctuary.

Crystal Healing

In recent years the resurgence of therapies, such as Crystal healing, has been unprecedented, with many individuals seeing and experiencing the benefit. Another modality that works more on the energetic framework, which has an influence physically, the Crystal Therapist will work with you to help shift old patterns and balance the energetic bodies.