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The Peruvian Medicine Wheel

In my work as an osteopath it is inevitable that I will observe, from time to time and more often than not, the deep emotional wounds and trauma that is behind a lot of my patient’s physical symptoms and pain. Some years ago I was taken down a road of self discovery that would put me into the path of a Shaman, who has since taken me on the most incredible journey. Through her ability to hold space so magnificently, I have been able to tap into my own ability to heal and move on from the traumas of my past. For anyone who feels stuck or like they are a broken record, repeating the same old arduous and hurtful patterns in their life, or for anyone who simply wants to know more about…well…themselves, then I implore you to read on…

Wendy on one of her trips to Peru

My name is Wendy.

I am a Shaman, teacher and healer.

I have trained in Native American Shamanism with The Q’ero Medicine men and women  from Peru  and share Ancient Wisdom teachings and Rites held by this lineage.

I work with small groups and individuals sharing Ancient traditions and Medicine practises designed to create balance and harmony.

By weaving The Sacred into all areas of our lives we are able to heal our relationship with ourselves, our community and our planet.

Shamanism is over 40,000 years old and gives us access to the Universal Spiritual Wisdom inherent in all life. It is an Earth based Spiritual practice, deeply connected to nature, that allows a direct relationship with Spirit.

Shamanism recognises that there are many different realities and dimensions of existence. The Shaman tunes into these realities and enables shifts to take place at The energetic level of being. These shifts, when integrated, create powerful changes in our physical reality.

Through ceremony and practice we are able to connect to the “ unseen realms” of Nature and Spirit for guidance and healing.

Everything has Spirit and everyone can connect to the energy which is alive in all things. We can learn to use this energy for healing and Spiritual growth. This is the essence of Shamanism.

I am based in Petersfield, Hampshire and offer the Sacred practises and teachings of Shamanic Medicine in Healing circles, Ceremonies and individual sessions.

I also offer the Medicine Wheel teachings to those who feel called to deepen their understanding of the Medicine.

If you feel called to explore and share in these beautiful and life enhancing practises and teachings I would love to hear from you.

I can be contacted on : 07553845094

Or wendy@shamanicmedicine.co.uk

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

If you would like any further details or information please refer to my website http://shamanicmedicine.co.uk or call me on the number above.