Japanese Quartz – Unique Find


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We’re very excited to have these exceptional and extremely rare beauties in our collection. These are Japanese quartz. Shortly after these specimens surfaced the mine was closed. We understand that when this happens the message is that enough has been taken from the Earth. For these beauties it was their time to surface in a very small number to make themselves available to work with certain individuals. A lot of these found their homes very quickly and for those that work with them the feedback has been wonderful. Louise uses these in her healing sessions to help ground her clients. There is something feminine and gentle and deeply compassionate about these crystals. There are spheres of chlorite within the structure and a very porcelain blue hue to them. They seem to imbue the energy of all the elements and act as real balancers. This beautifully dark specimen shows a wonderful example of growth interference, sending the message that we can always rebuild to more glorious forms than before.


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