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So it’s finally happened – our long awaited mascot is finally here in all his technicolour glory … and his name is MAUI!

Our vision here has always been to promote a sense of community, both online and off, and we think that this little chap is going to really come into his own in helping us do that!

For those of you who have been following our newsletters, you will know that our thoughts have been turning more and more to creating an online presence, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. This will mainly come to you all in the shape of videos – videos that cover a range of subject matter, all focussed on well-being and health…from exercises for rehabilitation after injury, online meditations, moon ceremonies, discussions about injury, osteopathic demonstrations, case discussions etc etc etc. We want to get you, our audience (whether you be a practitioner or a prospective or already existing patient) as involved as possible – any suggestions or requests will be covered if possible.

Maui will be involved too – the more training he undergoes and the more confident he gets the more he will be involved and featured in our videos. Not only this, but we will be helping to promote local businesses with his help on his social media platforms (yes – he has a Facebook account, Instagram page and a YouTube channel – please subscribe by clicking this link ) and there may even be opportunities to meet him in the not too distant future. He’s already shaping up to be a little star!

So for now we will leave you with this news – do join Maui on social media by looking up Macaw_Takeover – he’s very excited to be getting out into the world and meeting lots of new and lovely people!

The Mana Sanctuary Family

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