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Osteopath Wanted

1 year ago

Now that the restrictions of lockdown look like they are going to begin easing, we would like to begin expanding our Osteopathic team as demand grows again.

We are looking for an individual who’s goal is to grow a busy and flourishing clinic, whilst being part of a close working team. We would hope that prospective applicants have the drive and wish to function under their own steam, but would also want to come together with other professionals within a broader team. We are looking for a confident, well rounded individual who has a cheery and positive disposition.

Thus far, our Osteopathic treatments have mainly been based around functional techniques and currently we feel that it is important to have at least one other member of the team who can work in this way. Having said this, we are hoping that we can build a team that boasts different skill sets so we will always welcome Cranial and Visceral Osteopaths too.

Prospective candidates will be required to provide proof of a recognised qualification, registration with the General Osteopathic Council and professional insurance. A character reference from a colleague or University tutor would also be greatly appreciated.

If we feel an applicant would potentially be the right fit, we will then invite them to attend an interview, at which they may be asked to demonstrate their practical skills.



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