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As I’m sure you’re all aware, we’re in the midst of a bit of a tricky time and we’re all being asked to take appropriate measures in order to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. 

On 18/03/2020 our governing body issued a webinar to all Osteopaths and Chiropractors practicing in the UK so that we could better understand our role during this period of time. It is considered that we are essential workers – if the NHS staff and other essential workers, who are working so very hard for us all, break then it is up to us lot to get them back on their feet!

While we are expected to keep up essential duties and to be there for our patients, we are also expected to make sensible decisions about when we treat. 

With this in mind may I assure you all that I intend to carry on practicing in clinic for as long as physically possible. I do, however, ask that each of you takes responsibility (which I’m sure you all will because you’re all awesome!) and let me know prior to any appointment about whether you are displaying any symptoms (headache/fever/cough) or if you have recently travelled to any areas affected by the virus. If this is the case, then I will ask that you avoid clinic for 7 days

If you have come into contact with anyone who you suspect might be unwell with the virus then I ask that you avoid clinic for 14 days.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch I am making myself busy, dowsing everything (including myself) in rubbing alcohol!
As of Monday I will also be taking the temperature of each and every person setting foot in the clinic (including myself) with a non contact thermometer. If anyone has a heightened temperature then I will again ask that they return home and reschedule for after 14 days.

If you are attending clinic then I would ask that, to avoid unnecessary and excessive build up in the waiting areas, you wait in your car until your appointment time or until the previous patient has left the building. If you are arriving on foot then please do not arrive early. Once things are back to normal then I’m obviously happy to allow people to use the waiting room as they have always done.

I am looking into ways to provide support online for those that are in need, but who feel they cannot attend clinic in person. Video calling is absolutely an option that I am happy to offer – it is an excellent way to check in on all of you and provide self care and exercise advice, plus reassurance and is something that we’ve been strongly urged to consider by the General Osteopathic Council and the Institute of Osteopathy. If any of you are interested in this option please feel free to contact me on any of the methods below

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