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Help with Bookings

Please follow the steps below to make an enquiry for an appointment at the Mana Sanctuary.

  1. Use the Book Now button which can be found on the Appointment page or on most other pages.
  2. Click the button to bring up the Booking window which allows you to select a service.
  3. Select the appropriate service and click continue.
    • Book at the Mana Sanctuary
  4. On the Day and Time page please select a date and time that is available.
    • Availability is show by a green dot under each day. If the day doesn’t have a dot then there are no available appointments. If the dot is orange then limited appointment are available on that day
    • Book at the Mana Sanctuary
  5. Select the time and click Continue
  6. On the Enter your details page please provide your details and a brief description of your appointment request if applicable.
    • Please don’t for get to subscribe to our emails and SMS messages which will be used to remind you of your appointment
    • Book at the Mana Sanctuary
  7. Click the Book button to submit your request

A member of our team will review your request and confirm within a few hours.